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Welcome to JointCare Chiropractic, where our goal is to help you optimize your physical health and performance. We treat people in pain, those with injuries that aren’t getting better and anyone that wants to perform at their optimal capacity.

Traditionally, chiropractic care focused mainly on back and neck injuries. Instead, here at JointCare we specialize in Functional Integrative Therapy and give a holistic approach to care.  This is a technique, designed to work on the biomechanics of the entire body. Instead of symptom relief we aim to get to the root cause of the problem(s). As well, we focus more on soft tissue mechanics than on segmental joint mechanics alone.

To treat, we use all of the latest soft tissue techniques such as Active Release Technique, Graston fascial release, electroacupuncture and many more. Visit the Services page for what's offered.

And call or email today, to book an appointment with a JointCare practitioner and experience the newest in Chiropractic assessment, personalized, integrative therapy and the latest most effective techniques. 

Why us?

The differentiating factor of JointCare’s Chiropractic care, is that we use a global assessment model. It’s really the assessment that allows a doctor to identify what and where to treat in order to get the desired results. Often times when patients come to see us they have tried everything, with no pain relief. Unfortunately, the root of the cause was overlooked. For example, knee pain can sometimes be due to abnormal mechanics of the ankle or even the hip and without proper assessment; one might have only thought to treat the knee. This is why our practitioners use a global assessment model, to get to the root of the injury.

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